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Are you convinced that you really need a lawyer to solve your problem? Are you in conflict with your lodging-house keeper, your employer, a state / government institution or a family member? Or are you an employer and you are about to reorganize your company, fuse with another business or you have an issue with your employee?


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ADWIZA has few advantages for you – it works with a minimum overhead, so you don’t have to pay high costs and as long as possible, ADWIZA also avoids expensive procedures. You save time and money but, most of all, your tension gets decreased. If you are in a situation of a juridical disagreement / dispute, it is important for you to have a transparency about your situation quickly and to find a satisfying solution. That is why ADWIZA starts directly working for you! Calling in ADWIZA does not mean that you have to proceed in the court strait away. Often it is beneficial for you to resolve your problem without the intervention of a judge, a reason why ADWIZA always tries first to avoid unnecessary procedures.